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One in five Brits have poor gym etiquette

When it comes to working out, do you follow the rules of the gym or is your gym etiquette all over the place?  Musclefood gives FS magazine its findings.  

Sweaty benches? Equipment hogs? It's the sort of thing that drives gym goers mad, but according to a new poll by Musclefood.com, over a quarter of UK gym goers show bad etiquette. 

They surveyed over 1,500 fitness lovers through an online quiz, asking them questions on different equipment, whether they’d help a stranger out and discovering how selfish they are at hogging different pieces. 

The results showed that British gym goers can be selfish bunch. Less than one in five (18%) would offer someone advice if they were struggling with equipment, with 82% choosing to ignore them and carry on with their workout. 

A fifth, 20%, would take two or more pieces of gym equipment at peak times leaving others with nothing.

And a further 21% wouldn’t wipe down the bench after a strenuous workout leaving it sweaty for the next user.

When it comes to good gym etiquette, almost nine out of ten would put their weights back on the rack and a similar number would keep the noise to a minimum when lifting heavy weights.

Over 80% would fill their water bottle at home, rather than topping up at the gym. Surprisingly, just over 40% would ask for help if they were stuck, with the majority preferring to work it out themselves.

Darren Beale from Musclefood.com said: “There are clearly some do’s and don’ts when you head to the gym, but in the heat of an intense workout it’s easy to forget the little things that you should be doing.

“I’m sure we’ve all forgotten to wipe down the bench a few times and are all guilty of being equipment hoggers now and again, especially when we’re mid-session.

“However, being a little less selfish and following the rules of the gym will make it a much nicer experience for the other fitness fanatics as well as you.”

Musclefood has put together its guide on gym etiquette:


Help someone who is struggling – no one likes a gym know it all, but if someone’s struggling with a piece of equipment then it’s good to offer them a few tips on how to do it right. However, if a personal trainer or other qualified professional is around, let them do the talking.

Put your weights back on the rack. A quick and easy thing to do which will make the gym experience more pleasurable for others. And never forget to put dumb-bells back on the rack too. Left on the floor they’re an accident waiting to happen.

Wipe down the bench after use. Otherwise, the next user will be lying in a pool of your sweat.

Keep noise to a minimum, especially when working out on heavy weights. No one wants to hear you grunting away. And remember to leave your phone in your locker.


Fill your huge water bottle from the gym water fountain. It is important to keep hydrated while working out, but filling a massive two-litre bottle of water means there will be a long queue of thirsty people behind you.

Hog equipment. At peak times, nothing’s more annoying than someone bagging more than one piece of equipment. So respect other users and play fair.


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