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Build explosive power with this NFL workout

It’s no secret that the boys in NFL’s highest echelons are a tad on the big side, and this comes from spending as much time in the gym as on the field. Without the size, and strength, they wouldn’t last long. Here are three drills courtesy of NFL UP! that’ll help you increase your power. Or, if speed is more your thing, check out our NFL speed drills.


Odell Beckham Jr 

Technique: Holding a medicine ball, get down into a split squat position. Keep your hips square, chest proud and back knee off the ground. Twist towards the wall, throwing the ball at it so it bounces back to you. Don’t move your hips. Catch the ball and repeat.

10 reps (each side) // 30 secs rest // 3 sets 



Glover Quin

Technique: Loop a resistance band around two dumbbells, and cross it around your neck and shoulders. Lower into a squat, sitting back onto your hips. Explode into a jump, landing on the balls of your feet, and return to a squat for one rep.

10 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets 



Jarvis Landry

Technique: With a resistance back harnessed around your waist, move forward at a slow jog. At your coach’s command, start sprinting rapidly for three steps, quickly chopping your legs up and down. Slow down to a jog for one ‘sprint’, and accelerate again on your coach’s command.

5 sprints // 30 secs rest // 3 sets

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