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Mobilise to max power

One of the most overlooked aspects of strength training is having the mobility to execute the moves. Sure, you can squat 100kg, but you’ll never receive the full benefit of exercise if you can only get three-quarters of the way to the floor.

Training for functional strength gains means your body has to be able to execute movements where it has to recruit additional muscle in order to stabilise itself. A squat, for instance, may be a quad-dominant move, but you’re working everything from your glutes to your hip flexors to bring a weight up and down. This agility matters; without it, your potential strength threshold will be limited.

Niko Algieri, from Equilibrium: Total Balance, specialises in improving mobility in his clients. Use his agility workout as an addendum to you weekly routine, and you’ll be feeling more limber than you ever have before.

TRX Handstand

Technique: With the TRX feet stirrups a foot off the floor, get down on your knees facing away from the trainer. Place both feet in the stirrups and rise up into a press-up position. Slowly walk yourself backwards, pushing back against the TRX to create tension and a stable platform. Once almost vertical, hold the move for as long as possible before lowering yourself.

4 reps // 60 seconds rest // 4 sets

TRX atomic press-up

Technique: Place both feet in the TRX’s foot stirrups, hanging roughly a foot from the floor. Do one press-up and then bring your knees in to your chest. Push them back out again for one rep.

10-15 reps // 60 seconds rest // 3 sets

Bear crawls

Technique: Using the VertiMax’s waist belt, start out on all fours in front of the platform, crouched, ready to spring forward. Quickly race forward using opposing arms and legs to propel you forward. Once you can no longer fight the tension, crawl back for one rep.

3 reps // 60 seconds rest // 5 sets

Box jumps

Technique: Using a medium-height plyometric box, start standing in front of it on your toes. Squat down and spring into the air, landing on the platform. Land softly on the balls of your feet, balance and then hop back off for one rep.

10 reps // 90 seconds rest // 4 sets

 Squat jumps

Technique: For squat jumps you’ll need to use the waist belt and ankle straps. Start off standing on top of the VertiMax’s platform. Dip down into a wide-legged squat, raising your arms in front of you for balance. Spring vertically into the air, extending your legs and arms downwards, landing softly into the squat for one rep.