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Make the most of Thera-Bands

Massive weights build massive muscles, but there’s more to gaining strength than sweating it out in the gym day after day. Thera-Bands are a useful tool for not just strengthening large muscle groups as a whole, but improving muscle flexibility and range of movement, too.

And they’re lightweight, meaning you can workout virtually anywhere you want. As this month’s Stacked has workouts that predominantly work the legs, try these three exercises to improve strength and flexion in areas that will take a majority of the strain.


Hip Adductor exercise ()


Anchor the Thera-Band and hook around the ankle. Stand with feet a few inches apart, and knees straight. Pull the leg with the band in until you feel strain in your hip, then return to start.

30 secs AMRAP // 3 sets




Sitting knee extension exercise ()


Tie a Thera-Band to rear leg of a chair, and attach to ankle. Sit with legs at 90 degrees, and back straight. Straighten the leg with band attached, until fully extended. Lower to starting position.

30 secs AMRAP // 3 sets




Hip extension exercise ()


Set up the same as with hip adduction. Standing upright, slowly kick back with the leg that has Thera-Band attached. Keep leg straight until you feel strain in your hip. Return to starting position.

30 secs AMRAP // 3 sets


Photo: Matt Beedle

Illustrations: Nick Hardcastle