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Make the most of the power bag

It may just look like an infant’s punch bag with a couple of handles taped to it, but the powerbag is one of the most versatile training tools going. Designed to be a crossover tool for Olympic lifting, medicine ball training and core stability work, it can give you a full-body workout from either a static position or while on the move. Try these three moves below to make the most of your powerbag.


Hold the powerbag by the handles and thrust it over your head. Ensuring your back and neck are aligned, and your arms are locked out, squat down beyond 90 degrees. Stand up for one rep.

4 sets // 12 reps


Sit down and hold the powerbag upright in both hands. Bend your legs and raise your feet. Twist from side to side, extending your waist and holding the bag. Touch the ground on both sides for one rep.

4 sets // 12 reps


Hold the powerbag by the handles so it hangs horizontally and your fists face each other. Hang at waist height, then pull it up to your neck. Keep back and neck straight, while elbows go above the shoulders.

4 sets // 12 reps

Photo: Matthew Beadle

Illustrations: Nick Hardcastle