Dumbbells studio shot Jordan Fitness (Matt Beedle)Dumbbells studio shot Jordan Fitness (Matt Beedle) © Copyright

Make the most of dumbbells

Dumbbells are without a doubt the most common item of fitness equipment you’ll see in the gym. Row after row of men will be banging out rep after rep of curls, presses and flys using dumbbells because they’re the most versatile bit of kit going. 

And when we say versatile, we mean any part of your body can be worked with them – any. Give the three exercises below a go and find out how you can really switch things up with these real iron classics. 

Seated tricep press technique diagram (Nick Hardcastle)


// Muscles worked: Triceps brachii //
– Sit on a bench
– Hold the dumbbell behind your head
– Extend your arm to a straight elbow
– Bring it back down again 

Single-arm snatch technique diagram  (Nick Hardcastle)


// Muscles worked: Hip flexors, abdominals //
– Stand with feet wider than shoulder-width apart
– “Rip” the weight over your head and jump into a squat 

Ischemic dumbbell press technique diagram (Nick Hardcastle)


// Muscles worked: Pectoralis major //
– Find an incline bench
– Hold two dumbbells above your head
– Lower, then raise, with alternate arms

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Photo: Matt Beedle
Illustrations: Nick Hardcastle