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Time for a suspension supercharge

PT and KO8 System founder Kieran Owens shows how his trainer can make the most of standard suspension training moves.


A full-body workout using the latest evolution in suspension trainer: the KO8


Because traditional suspension training systems can be limited


Using a KO8 training system; a combination of a traditional suspension trainer and a variety of resistance bands

Suspension training has now solidified its position as the go-to piece of kit for ‘functional training’ in most gyms. Its size, simplicity and versatility means you can use it to train virtually any part of the body.

It can either assist movements or make them harder, and recruits extra muscle you wouldn’t gain, as the body has to work harder to balance itself on an unstable platform.

But what if we told you conventional suspension trainers aren’t necessarily maximising the output you get from the effort you put in?

Normal trainers will definitely do a good job of training all muscle groups, but there are additional movements you can attach to these exercises that will make them a whole lot more effective.

That’s why trainer Kieran Owens developed the KO8 training system, which is effectively a suspension trainer coupled with a series of resistance bands.

The trainer’s set up is effectively the same as most others on the market, with one exceptional difference: the twin webbing lengths that attach the arms to the anchor strapping can be interchanged for rubber resistance bands that can provide up to 72kg of tension.

That means, as you will see, extra movements can be added to more conventional moves, to make them super effective. With Kieran’s help, we’ve selected four of our favourite suspension trainer moves.


Pectorals, Abdominals & Triceps

Technique Have the KO8 set up in harness mode by opening out the foot cradles, and wrapping them around the shoulders. Now make a triangle shape, with your hands stacked underneath your shoulders and head as the point.

From there, the resistance bands will assist you back into the starting position on the way up if you struggle with push-ups, or if you’re more advanced, you can go into the explosive plyometric push-up and cross your arms mid-air.

15-20 reps // 60 secs rest // 3 sets

Kieran Owens KO8 suspension trainer exercises plyometric press up ()




Quads, Glutes, Hamstrings & Traps

Technique With the KO8 set up using the resistance bands, start off with your arms extended out around head height – keeping your arms straight, hinge at the hips until your chest is pointing to the floor without bending your spine, and pull the bands down with you. Slowly return to your starting position, hinging at the hips.

45 secs AMRAP // 60 secs rest // 3 sets

Kieran Owens KO8 suspension trainer exercises: Ski pulls  ()





Technique Using a relatively light resistance, start by standing square to the trainer with feet just past shoulder width. Raise both hands over your left shoulder.

Now chop the bands across the body in a diagonal, finishing with hands past your hips on your right side, rotating the heel. Release the tension in a controlled manner, rising back above your shoulder for one rep.

10-12 reps (each side) // 60 secs rest // 3 sets

Kieran Owens KO8 suspension trainer exercises: Woodchoppers ()




Glutes, Quads, Lats & Traps

Technique Start by setting one handle on ‘suspension’ and the other on ‘resistance’. Squat down on the side of the body that is holding the suspension side of the trainer, while keeping your other leg extended.

Once you get to the bottom of the squat, pull the resistance side of the trainer towards the side of your chest, before driving through your foot and rising back up.

10-12, reps (each leg) // 60 secs rest // 3 sets

Kieran Owens KO8 suspension trainer exercises: Pistol squat and row ()

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Photos: Tom Miles


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