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Joe Wicks: Leg day workout

Don't skip leg day! Follow this workout weekly and you’ll have serious pistons in no time

There’s probably no bigger gym faux pas than not training your legs. Your upper is stacked and you’ve nailed the lats, but have you got the wheels to match?

The legs have some of the body’s biggest muscles so this workout is mega tough, but you’ll thank me when you’ve got tree trunks for quadriceps.

You need to aim for power, so do all your reps and sets. Rest for 30 seconds between sets, one minute between exercises. Your legs will be screaming by the end, but it will be worth it. Trust me. 

Joe Wicks' Romanian deadlift workout ()


Romanian deadlift

Glutes and hamstrings 

Technique: Hold a barbell with a mixed grip (just one hand facing away from you). Do one deadlift to the upright position. Push your hips back and lower the barbell to your shins. Keep your back straight and arms locked, and lift the barbell back into the standing position. Repeat.

10 reps per set, 3 sets 

Joe Wicks' dumbbell Bulgarian squat workout ()


Dumbbell Bulgarian squats


Technique: Stand with your back to a step or bench, a dumbbell in each hand. Rest a foot on the platform, bend the front knee and sit into the squat. Drive back up to standing and go straight back down.

8-12 reps each leg, 3 sets 

Joe Wicks' front squats workout ()


Front squats

Quads and core

Technique:With your feet just more than shoulder-width apart, hold a barbell across the front of your body, the weight on your shoulders. Keep your hands open and push your chest up. Squat down until your hips are lower than your knees then drive back up. Repeat.

10 reps per set, 3 sets 

Joe Wicks' dumbbell box step-up workout ()


Dumbbell box step-ups

Quads, glutes and calves

Technique: With a dumbbell in each hand, plant one foot on the step and raise yourself up. Lift your other leg in the air so your thigh is parallel with the floor. Step down and start again on the other leg. Keep alternating.

8-12 reps each leg, 3 sets


Liifting advice

Progressively increasing the weights you lift is the way to gain strength and mass safely. Your muscles break down when you try a heavier load than you’ve lifted before. They respond by repairing themselves – and building extra muscle tissue. Start with a weight you can lift easily and add weight slowly.

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Photos: Malcolm Griffiths 


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