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Is this the craziest trainer on Insta?

Tony Sentmanat is a Marine Corps veteran, law enforcement SWAT operator, life long practitioner in mixed martial arts and has been a firearms instructor for over 15 years. He also has a crazy Instagram account.

Tony's Insta account is seriously impressive. It features incredible feats of strength such as pulling cars while doing a squat workout, or chasing a car down a street while doing pad work with a man in the back. There's even gun combat. 

But it's not about showing off, he shows the hard times too: "I don't show you guys what I can do, I show you guys part of my training – there's a difference. I like to show you the struggle, because the struggle is reality, not Instagram bullshit." 

Check out some of his posts below...

Pulling a Tundra...while doing squats

When squatting 415lbs (182kgs) isn't enough, why not do it while pulling a Tundra? "I pulled the Toyota Tundra because haters said the Ford was aluminium," says Tony. Apparently if you pull an aluminium truck you may as well not bother...

Sprinting, burpees, punching with a weighted vest...while pulling a car

Our man Tony runs four blocks while wearing a weighted vest, throwing punches and pulling a Honda Accord. Then he ditches the car and switches to burpees, sprints and striking while wearing the 40lb weighted vest. 

Get off my back

He's not actually pulling a vehicle in this one, but he does have a man on his back. He smashes out some cable rows then switches to bent over rows with 225lbs (102kgs) and a 210lb man on his back. 

But did you die?

Tony talks a lot about pain and tolerance in his videos. This drill is a great example of that. He's doing a squatting session while two guys go to town on his stomach with kicks and punches. Tony says it helps "understanding proper breathing, abs contraction for striking, stabilising the weight while being struck, and just learning how to deal with pain. It's nice to have a six pack, but for me it's better to withstand 100 kicks and 100 punches and have abs as strong as steel." Makes sense. 

Not afraid to fail 

Tony is always keen to point out that he doesn't do his stuff to look good on his Insta, failure is a big part too. Here's some stuff that he didn't pull off first time.   

Sometimes there are guns

Don't forget, Tony is a Marine Corps veteran etc. so he knows how to handle himself in a combat situation. As such, there are plenty of weapons-based training courses offered on his website, such as this Counter Ambush Vehicle Tactics course...   

Check out Tony Sentmanat's Instagram account


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