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Make the most of the sled

Sleds are the ideal low-impact option for building functional strength, improving neuromuscular coordination between the lower and upper body, and conditioning for muscular and cardiovascular endurance.

While sled exercises typically consist of pushes and pulls, it is actually an extremely versatile training instrument. Here are three more uncommon exercises you can do with the sled, including some barbell classics such as the row and the chest press.

Why. we hear you ask? Because sled exercises cut out the eccentric phase (the negative part) of an exercise, meaning there’s less tension placed on the muscle and less chance of doing them damage. Incorporate pushes and pulls into the end of your workouts to keep your metabolic rate firing, or as a substitute for some of your bigger lifts if you’re going through a process of rehabilitation.


Chest press sled 

Using a rope or TRX anchored around the front of a prowler sled, start facing away from the sled. Bring the handles up to chest height, and, with elbows at 90 degrees, push hands until both arms are fully extended.

1 min AMRAP // 4 sets




Prowler sled rows 

As the chest press, but facing the sled. With palms facing downwards, pull the sled towards you so the handles reach your ribs. Keep your back and neck aligned and elbows tucked in. 

1 min AMRAP // 4 sets




Prowler sled bear crawls 

Wearing a chest harness, load up a sled with roughly your bodyweight and get down on all fours. Crawl forward until there’s tension in the harness’ strap. Move forward for the stated distance. Rest and repeat.

40m crawls // 3 sets


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