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Make the most of mini hurdles

‘Speed kills’ is a truism that resonates across nearly all types of sport. From a footballer’s blistering turn of pace to the razor-sharp cuts across a court in tennis, being faster than your opponent gives you a physical and mental edge in competition. Such fleet-footedness can be improved in a variety of ways, but the mini hurdles offer a different dimension when it comes to being fast – speed and agility. The ability to transition from one movement over more than one plane is essential, and challenging yourself to improve your stride technically can be achieved using hurdles.

Below are three moves that will help both forward and lateral movement, meaning you can leave your opponent chasing shadows.


High-knee sprints workout ()


With a row of six to seven mini hurdles, each spaced roughly a foot apart, sprint through and over them, bringing your knees to your stomach. Each foot should touch the space between the hurdles once.

5 sprints // 3 sets




Lateral side-step ()


Stand perpendicular to the hurdles, and quickly shuffle through the line, bringing each knee to your stomach. Make sure your feet only touch the floor once before quickly sidestepping over the next hurdle.

5 sprints // 3 sets




Bunny hops ()


Using slightly larger hurdles spaced in a similar manner to before, stand in front of the first set with your feet placed closely together. Bunny hop through the line, touching down and springing back up as quickly as possible.

5 sprints // 3 sets 

Illustrations: Nick Hardcastle


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