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How to use a suspension trainer

Suspension training devices are one of the most effective ways to train your entire body. Whether that’s strength training, cardiovascular exercises or muscular endurance, this bit of kit has got you covered.

The basics of suspension training are that you create an unstable platform for when you use it, and your body has to compensate for the imbalances it causes. This means that additional muscle is recruited to strengthen areas that struggle to support your load.

The same applies for cardiovascular training; you can elevate common conditioning exercises such as mountain climbers by placing your feet in the stirrups. Elevating your feet places an additional load on the chest, forcing it to recruit more muscle in that area.


Atomic press up  suspension trainer ()


Place both feet in stirrups a foot from the floor. Do one press up, then bring knees into your chest. Push them back out again for one rep.

10-12 reps // 60s rest // 3 sets



Lunge TRX suspension exercise ()


Place one foot in stirrups. Lunge so your front thigh is parallel with floor. Stand up and repeat on same leg.

10-12 reps (each leg) // 60s rest // 3 sets

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