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How to stop jogger's nipple

It’s the bane of every distance runner’s life. But it’s not hard to guard against...

Officially more painful than giving birth, jogger’s nipple occurs from the friction caused by excessive contact between the fabric of a running top and the nipple, causing it to become dry, sore, irritable and often bloody. The longer the run, the more likely the onset of the condition. Marathon and ultra-runners are, inevitably, most at risk.

Fortunately, there are preventative measures. The most simple is the placing of a waterproof plaster over the nipple, thus creating a barrier between the easily-irritated round and red thing, and the material of the running top. This can be sweated off, though. Vaseline is a popular lubricant for many things, and keeping your nipple intact is one of them. Unproven remedies include roll-on deodorant, baggy clothing and not running, but that’s just silly. Try these instead...

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