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Run faster, harder and further

Run faster, harder and longer with Ben Jones’ runner booster workout


An Olympic-level workout for middle-distance runners looking to gain strength, balance and flexibility in their lower body and core


Running in a pack requires more than just endurance. You need lower-body strength, good lateral movement and stability in the core


With a series of agility and conditioning exercises, using the SkillMill, Swiss ball and Olympic rings

Running requires more than a good set of lungs and a pair of sturdy legs; in a group, you need even more. Running alongside others competitively requires a sense of balance, razor-sharp reactions, and minute attention to detail, so you can time your breaks to take control of a race.

But you can get more from your runs than what you put in on the road – going that extra mile in the gym can boost your overall performance.

Technogym are the official gym suppliers to the Olympic Games, and during the competition, their expert trainers are on hand to offer advice. One of their master trainers, Ben Jones, has devised a workout for runners using a specialist piece of equipment, the SkillMill, which will improve balance and coordination as well as the strength needed to hustle your way through a pack of elite runners.

Even if there’s not a SkillMill in a gym near you, you can still perform these exercises on a regular treadmill.

Lateral movement, lower-body coordination

TWO IN, TWO OUT: This is a controlled burst of running on a treadmill or SkillMill, where you skip twice with either leg leading, before jumping onto the rails of the machine and going again. Use the handrails for balance to ensure you don’t hurt yourself.

30 sec runs // 30 secs rest // 6 sets

Two in Two out running skillmill 

Footstrike power

PLYO JUMPS: Set one big plyo box up in front of a smaller box. Start by standing on the smaller box and jumping down to the floor. As soon as you hit it, spring straight back up onto the higher box. Jump off, walk back around and repeat as many times as possible in 60 seconds.

60 secs AMRAP // 90 secs rest // 3 sets