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Move like Perez

If you've read our interview with Ayoze Perez (click here, if you haven't), you'll know what's required to get fit for the Premier League. And if you want to match Ayoze's hustle, you'll need to get involved with our workout below, courtesy of GoFitGoBox PT Cameron Goff. It combines agility drills, strength and conditioning sets, and sprint work. Get busy

Barbell complex
Do five reps of each exercise below, using 65 per cent of your one-rep max, before moving directly onto the next movement. Once the circuit is complete, rest for 30 seconds and repeat.
Do five circuits in total. You’ll be fending off your opponent in no time. 5 reps // 5 sets // 90 secs rest

Football fit 1 ()


5 reps // 5 sets // no rest

5 reps // 5 sets // no rest

5 reps // 5 sets // no rest

5 reps // 5 sets // no rest

5 reps // 5 sets // 90 secs rest  

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Use these to build foot speed and improve overall agility in the lower body. Do two minutes of work three times, resting for 30 seconds between sets. Change the drills up every set like this: double-footed sprints, the “ickey shuffle” and diagonal run-throughs.
2 min drills // 30 secs rest // 3 sets  

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Reflexes and agility are key, so use double-footed sprints through the ladder, volley a pass back to your partner and then peel off to your left or right, depending on their instruction. There you’ll either find cones to zig-zag through, or mini hurdles to sprint over. Work for a minute, rest 30 seconds, then repeat for four sets in total.
1 minute rep // 30 secs rest // 4 sets 

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Prepare yourself for some rough and tumble. With a partner holding a bungee or resistance band, replicate jostling for position with him, then quickly peel off as if you’re chasing a loose ball. The resistance from the band should emulate an opponent’s jockeying, so ensure your movement is explosive until you reach maximum elasticity, then turn back. Repeat four times back-to-back, take a 30 second rest, then go again. Repeat this routine four times.
4 sprints back-to-back // 30secs rest // 4 sets


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