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Get hench in record time

Hollywood trainer David Kingsbury explains why a lack of time is no excuse

If anyone knows how tough it is to fit working out into day-to-day life, it’s David Kingsbury. He trains many of Hollywood’s most ripped folk, including Hugh Jackman and Michael Fassbender. He knows how important it is to put in the work around a busy schedule.

That’s why he’s sharing his tricks of the trade, which can help you get stacked in as little as a month. The chest, back, arms, shoulder and ab builder he has devised for us is a sure-fire win for anyone tight on time – and it’s a decent little fat-burner to boot.

It uses the 50-rep principle, where you take a weight you can lift for 12 reps for one set, rest, then try bashing out the remaining 38 reps. Break it down into as many sets as you need, but don’t change the weight – even if that means of doing sets of three and four. Keep the rest to a minimum between sets, and take a two-minute breather between exercises.


A no-nonsense chest, back and ab builder from the man who gets Hollywood’s superstars into silver-screen shape


The modern man’s modern excuse is a lack of time. This 50-rep burner is an antidote to this problem


Using six exercises that target the full upper body, where the aim is to complete 50 reps as quickly as possible. You pick the rep range in the set – just get them done


Seated Shoulder Press


Shoulder press 

Technique: Sit on a bench with a straight back and neck, with a dumbbell in each hand. Raise dumbbells to shoulder height, push them up until arms are extended, then lower.

50 reps // 30 secs rest // as many sets as needed


Trap bar deadlift

Quads, Glutes & Traps

Trap bar deadlift 

Technique: Stand in the middle of a trap bar loaded with a weight you can lift for 12 reps. Bend at the knees, holding onto the bar handles and drive up through the heels. Keep your back and neck aligned, and push your chest out at the top of the move.

50 reps // 30 secs rest // as many sets as needed


Weighted press ups

Pectorals & Abdominals