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WOD a way to get fit

We were put through our paces with two different WODs when we visited the Reebok Training Grounds ‘box’ at their headquarters in Canton, MA

Confusion lies at the heart of the CrossFit philosophy. That isn’t to say no one has a clue what they’re doing. Advocates of the programme believe shocking and then confusing the body is the best way to spark a physiological response. Whether you’re looking to lose fat or build muscle, consistently mixing up your programme will stimulate different areas of growth at rapid rates.

We were given a taster session at the launch of Reebok’s latest CrossFit-specific trainer, the Nano 6.0, to get a better understanding of how to get ‘full-body readiness’.


Day one

On day one, our first WOD was a team exercise. Between a group of three, we had to perform: 

Kettlebell swings ()


  140 kettlebell swings

  120 medicine ball cleans 

Press up diagram ()


  150 press ups

  1-mile run with medicine ball

This isn’t done to time, just as quickly as possible. However, when the blood is up and everyone’s natural competitive instinct kicks in, pacing goes out the window. Plus you compensate in other areas if a team mate struggles.

That particular WOD is short but brutal. By the time it came to running a mile, your legs are jelly and you’re panting like a dog as the three moves that precede it predominantly work the legs, core and posterior area.


Day two

On day two, the WOD took the form of a full-body circuit, done to time. There were four stations where you had to execute as many reps of one move for a minute: 

Sit-up illustration ()


  • Sit ups // 1 min AMRAP
  • Dumbbell thrusters // 1 min AMRAP 
Squats illustration ()


  • Air squats // 1 min AMRAP
  • Pull ups (strict or kipping) // 1 min AMRAP

After you completed all four stations, rest for one round, then repeat the cycle two more times. This WOD is all about metabolic conditioning. Not only does each move target a key muscle group in the body and fatigue it quickly, it places a huge strain on your cardiovascular faculties, spiking your metabolism massively.

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Illustrations: Peter Liddiard