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Cameron Goff has the workout to help you float like a butterfly, sting like a bee and 
sweat like a motherflipper

An old fallacy in boxing is that punch power is God-given and can’t be trained – wrong, to an extent. Building strength in the lower body, as well as the core, can help increase your punch power, as well as upping your fleet-footedness and helping your ability to take a punch.

Cameron Goff, a sports S&C coach based in south London, has devised a mini circuit workout to build the vital components needed at any level of the sport. Each circuit combines explosive power exercises, core strength moves and lower-body agility work.

As these circuits will require setting up, do each circuit consecutively before moving on to the next set up. Rest for two to three minutes between circuits.


A combination of speed, agility and power drills designed to give boxers an edge in the ring


Because improving strength in the legs and core will increase speed in the feet and power in the punch


Using three circuits that each combine the three mainstays of a boxer’s arsenal; strength, power and speed

Circuit One

Knee jumps, wall ball presses and rotation throws will improve explosive power in your legs, strength in your chest and muscular endurance in your abdominals, all necessary for honing your knockout blow. Do three circuits of the stated reps and rest for 45 seconds between exercises.

Knee Jumps

Jump from your knees into a squat position, ensuring you complete each leap in one fluid movement.

// 4 reps //

Wall Ball Presses

Throw a wall ball (a large weighted ball) against a wall with as much power as possible.

// 12 reps //

Wall Ball Rotation Throws

Throw a wall ball to your training partner or wall, and add a Russian Twist.

// 8 reps each side //


Circuit Two

Again, presses, twists and jumps will improve total strength in areas that will contribute not only to your punching power, but to your ability to move in and out of range quickly and confidently. Again, do three sets of the stated reps with 45 second rest between the exercises.

Landmine Double Press

From the chest, push both barbells away from the body until the arms are extended.

// 8 reps //

Band Core Twists

Holding an anchored resistance band, assume a boxing stance and twist at the waist.

// 10 reps each side //

Depth Jumps

Using two boxes, jump onto one, jump to the floor, then jump up onto the other box.

// 8 jumps //


Circuit Three

Combining a reaction belt with movements that simulate punching adds extra resistance to build lean, supporting muscle, while improving foot speed and adding mass. Do two sets of 30 seconds AMRAP (as many reps as possible) for each exercise, resting for one minute between circuits.

Cones with Reaction Belt

In your stance, skip to each cone, throw a one-two, then skip back to start.

// 30 secs AMRAP // 

Renegade Rows

Combine a press up with dumbbell row. Bring a dumbbell to your chest after each press up.

// 30 secs AMRAP // 

Medball Punch Throw

Assuming your stance, throw a medicine ball to a partner (or wall) with a straight hand.

// 30 secs AMRAP // 

The Expert: Cameron Goff

Cameron is a top personal trainer, and S&C coach, who specialises in sport-specific programmes out of his GoFitGoBox gym in London.


Twitter: @cameron_gfgb

Instagram: @cameron_gfgb


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