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Boost your speed, strength and power with Morgan Lake

Morgan Lake’s dad, Eldon, is also her coach, so we asked the great Lakes how they increase her strength, speed and, first up, power. Do try these at home


Weight training

The objective is to apply the greatest amount of maximal strength in the shortest period  of time (to increase the rate of force production). The best exercises are eccentric leg extensions (single and double leg press), step-ups, dead lifts, Romanian dead lifts and squats. 

The big 800

100m splits with short recoveries. Ouch. Lake says, “We do a lot of these and you really feel like you’ve done something at the end of the session. You definitely get the gains in the end. I try to aim for a steady pace of 17 seconds per 100m (which works out to 2:16 for 800m).”


The aim is to improve speed, power and elastic strength (explosive strength training), so Lake mixes up the following:

  • Jump squats
  • Split jumps
  • Single leg bounds
  • Hops
  • Box jumps
  • Training with a medicine ball 
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Circuit training

Set up stations with these exercises – burpees, sit-ups, squats, press-ups, split jumps, squat thrusts, lunges, shuttle run, plank, step-ups. Each exercise should be performed for 40 seconds with a break between to allow you to get to the next station (40sec on, 20sec off, total 60sec for each station), Take a four minute break after each set.

TIME – 1hr

Stadium stairs

Perform each of the following sets in order – running (one step at a time), lunges, hops (alternating feet), bunny hops, running (two step at a time), skips. Each set is performed on 10-12 flights of stairs with a five minute break between.

TIME – 30 mins

Medicine balls

There are three good medicine ball exercises – throw it overhead against a wall; kneel down, lean back as far as possible and throw; or launch as far as possible behind your head. Do each one 30 times with two minutes’ rest between.

TIME – 25 mins 

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Boost your core

Side plank: On right side, stack your legs and prop upper body on your right forearm. Lift hips to create a straight line from head to heels. Hold for 60 secs and repeat on opposite side.

Inverse crunch: Start on your hands and knees. Extend right arm and left leg. Touch right elbow
to left knee under torso. Repeat on opposite side. Do 15 reps.

TIME – 15 mins 

2-mile tempo run

Try to run consecutive miles at six-minute-mile pace. Using an athletics track will make it easier to measure, as four laps of the track is equivalent to one mile.

TIME – 12 mins

R & R

It’s really important to do a mix of the following on a weekly basis: yoga, sports massages, swimming and sauna. Lake has even tried acupuncture. “It was like electric nerves pulsing through my legs, twitching. I could just see my leg pulsating!”

TIME – 2hr

Morgan Lake photoshoot ()


Morgan Lake is wearing Nike and American Apparel


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