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How Ana Ivanovic gets tennis fit

Serbian tennis star Ana Ivanovic tells FS about coping with the demands of tennis, and her new website that’s like Uber for sports

What kind of workouts do you do to stay in shape for the gruelling 75-match-a-year WTA tour?

During a training block I will usually have a gym session in the morning, followed by a 90-minute hit with different tennis exercises. Then in the afternoon I will have either another gym session or another tennis, so that’s three a day.

In the gym I work on my strength using traditional weights machines, but also on my footwork and movement: lateral running, balance, stopping and starting – this kind of thing

I am trying to mix it up and have my team come up with new exercises to keep the training effective and interesting. I do yoga and I run a lot. In general I do a lot of work on strength, agility, speed and [injury] prevention. 

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What is the toughest thing you’ve ever put your body through?

The battle matches are always extreme for my body. In long battles on court there will always be ebbs and flows, but it’s important to stay mentally strong and remember that you are never out of it until you’ve lost the final point.  

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Why did you launch Trainers4Me?

I know that sometimes balancing your professional life with keeping fit can be difficult. A lot of my friends who play tennis would complain to me that it is hard to find a partner to play. I wanted to create a similar system to Uber or AirBnB, but for sport lovers instead.

With Trainers4Me you can find your perfect coach for any sport anywhere in the world at any time. If you are on holiday and fancy a personal session with a yoga instructor, you can find one easily.

There’s no membership fee: it is designed to be easy, accessible and fit your own personal schedule. Long term, the aim is to build a worldwide community of sports lovers.