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Up your agility with these NFL drills

Agility is everything in American football. By the very definition of agility, moving from one position to the other in football can mean the difference between being flattened by an 18st linebacker or scoring a touchdown. These three moves from our NFL stars will improve your centre of gravity, your ability to move laterally, and the hand-eye coordination required to catch the ball. Here are three drills courtesy of NFL UP! that’ll help you increase your agility.


Calais Campbell

Technique: Using three agility bags or sand bags lined in a row, start in a low crouched position and weave in and out using a sidestep, touching down with each hand as you reach each side. Sprint back to the start for one rep.

10 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets



Luke Kuechly

Technique: You need two people for this one. Get your training partner to stand behind you holding a tennis ball, about three metres from a wall. Get him to throw it at the wall at different angles, and quickly catch the return ball with your closest hand for one rep.

10 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets



Julius Thomas

Technique: Set two FitLights around ten foot apart (or two cones, with a bleep test buzzer as your marker), and stand in a slight squat with a ViPR bar. Explode laterally, touching down with the bar every time the light flashes (or beeps). Each touch is one rep.

10 reps // 30 secs rest // 3 sets

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