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They call it fashionology

will.i.am has made some luxury wireless earphones.

Having failed to colonise your wrist with his chunky dial-a-watch-phone-gadget, musician and entrepreneur will.i.am is hoping to conquer your ears instead. Thankfully, his new Bluetooth earbuds – modelled here by Kendall Jenner – are a whole lot sexier than his smartwatch.

will.i.am phones ()


Called the i.am+ BUTTONS, they boast a six-hour battery life and high-definition bass. 


Designed to look like two tiny vinyl records, the disc-shaped wireless earphones are crafted from machined metal. Tech includes Siri activation and USB charging.


will.i.am’s not stupid: wireless ‘buds are easy to lose so he’s added magnets to each disc. They now clasp together to make a gender-neutral necklace. 

will.i.am phones ()


£170  apple.com/uk