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What does your watch say about you? Making the case for wearing a watch, and how to find the one that’s right for you

Personal fashion can make a strong first impression. The theory goes that with just a quick glance, you can assess a man by his clothes, hair and then, his watch.

“I hear the ‘I don’t need a watch because I have a phone,’ excuse a lot but fishing around and looking at your phone constantly looks desperate – it’s much more discreet to glance at your wrist,” says Antonio Centeno of Real Men Real Style. “Watches are one of the only acceptable pieces of jewellery left for men so if you don’t wear one it looks like you don’t care about your style or personal branding at all.”

Sounds harsh, after all it is only a watch, right? According to Centeno, it’s best to choose wisely as we are all subconsciously judging the wearer. “Take a man who has a real luxury number like a Rolex – it screams power, success and most of all, big money,” he says. “He’ll look like a boss and in the business world, it can show how serious he is.” But if splashing so much cash on that much flash isn’t your style, then you can still make a good impression with a good old-fashioned timepiece. “Getting something less expensive but still classic looking like a TAG shows that you care about your style and will pay for good quality but in a more effortless way – you are the hipster.” 

What about the new smart watches? “Digitals are now for the anti-hipster or the practical everyday man,” says Centeno. “If you are into your tech and want to go for an Apple Watch, just know that it’s not a watch, it’s a gadget and you run the risk of looking like the guy who just likes to buy the latest stuff.”

If you’ve decided to ditch your watch for the latest fitness band then be prepared to look feel the wrath of Centeno. “Fitness bands worn as watches may seem like you are the active, health conscious guy but it just looks like you’re one of the million people who have jumped on this bandwagon,” he says. “If you must one, wear it on one wrist and your watch on the other.”

Blue on blue

Blue on blue ()

Dusk Lansen Chrono £230 Triwa // Weekender Chrono £69.99 Timex // Outerbanks £99 Aramani Exchange, Watch Station International at House of Fraser

Digi tech

Digital watch fashion ()

Sanguin £66.50 Swatch // MK2 Circuit Slate £129.99 Storm

Dive in 

Diving watch fashion ()

Great Barrier Reef Limited Edition II £1,500 Oris // Marine Star £369 Bulova

High end

High end watch fashion ()

Aquaracer 300M Calibre 5 £2,250 Tag Heuer // Globemaster £4,869 Omega // Chiffre Rouge £4,900 Dior


Metallic watch fashion ()

Bullet £105 Swatch // Gunmetal & Gold £310 Nixon // Las Vegas £189 Police


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