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Get her under armour

How not to make a total mess of buying underwear for your girl

How to buy

This is the single most important thing when it comes to buying her underwear. A size too small and she’ll feel bad about herself as she tries to squeeze into them. Too big and she’ll be offended that you think she’s bigger than she is. Either way, it doesn’t make for a happy evening for either of you. We’d recommend snooping through her undies drawer before shopping (don’t get caught, obvs).

Thong, granny, G-String, French, Brazilian, High Rise, Low Rise, the list of scary knicker words is endless. Go for something simple but sexy and take notice of what style she usually wears, this is obviously a style she feels comfortable with. If you’re unsure on a colour, black is a winner and generally suits everyone. This is a gift, not your chance to make her live out your fantasies.

Bargain buys aren’t going to impress anyone. When it comes to buying nice underwear, no girl wants to a multi-pack of cotton pants or a £4 bra from Primark. Lace is a safe bet and looks pricy and pretty. Also, if it doesn’t feel nice to touch: run away. She wants to feel special, so spend a bit more and hit a shop that specialises in underwear.

There’s no point lingering around the doorway, edging in to the shop and then scurrying away, bottling it before you even get your hands on a pair of pants. You won’t be judged for going into an underwear shop in February. Nobody thinks you’re a perv. Take the plunge and take your time. And if you really can’t face that, shop online.

What to buy

Outfit 4 (Yellow bra and pants - see top)
Bra £33
Huit Briefs £28.00
Huit Shirt £302 Diane Von Furstenberg at Cruise 

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Outfit 2 (see above)
Bra £50 Stella McCartney at House of Fraser
Briefs £27 Stella McCartney at House of Fraser 

Valentines Day lingerie 2 ()


Outfit 5 (above)
Chemise £38 b.tempt’d
Bra £33 b.tempt’d
Thong £15 b.tempt’d 

Valentines Day lingerie 4 ()


Outfit 6 (above)
Bra £32 Intimissimi
Earrings £10 Freedom at Topshop 

Valentines Day lingerie 3 ()


Outfit 8 (above) 
Bralet £39 Passionata
Shorties £24 Passionata
Fascinator £30 Lady Lavender

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