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Understand your body shape

Women may have more curves but that doesn’t mean that men’s body shapes are simple. In fact, there are five general body shapes for men (with lots of variance between) – identify yours and learn to dress to flatter it 

Male body shapes ()


Inverted traingle

No stranger to the weights, your chest and shoulders are bigger than your waist and hips. Look for cuts that add bulk to your midriff for balance.

Do:  go for horizontal stripes and slim-fit shirts

Don’t: go too structured up top. It could go a bit Incredible Hulk



Like a human ruler, you’re pretty straight up and down. Your shoulders and chest are roughly the same width as your waist and hips, so you don’t need to minimise anywhere.

Do:  go for horizontal stripes on your torso

Don’t: go too baggy with tops, they’ll drown you



You’re larger around the hips and waist than you are on top. The bottom half of your body is heaviest, so you need clothes that slim below the waist.

Do: wear light-coloured tops to add width. Patterned tops also work for you

Don’t: go for light-coloured trousers. Dark jeans are your friend



The centre of your body is round (and a bit squashy), and you have slim legs and shoulders. It’s all about taking the focus away from your mid section to make you seem longer.

Do: wear vertical stripes and v-neck tops to make the neck and torso appear longer

Don’t: go too skinny with your trousers or too cropped with your jackets



Your athletic shape means you have fairly broad shoulders that taper down gradually to the waist. You can wear most styles and don’t need to worry about adding weight or detracting from specific areas.

Do: choose fabrics that hug and show off your body rather than add bulk

Don’t: be shy. You can get away with most colours, patterns and styles


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