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Supermarket sweep

Supermarkets have upped their style game. It's time you took advantage...

It’s dull and very British to talk about the weather but there’s no getting around it, after a crappy summer it’s now time to start prepping for a gloomy autumn. And while we all know that checks, seventies and military are all big looks coming from the catwalks for A/W16, sometimes a guy just needs a sensible coat.

If you’re looking for some new kit, don’t fancy spending a month’s wages on it and want classic buys that will last then F&F at Tesco is a good place to start.

It may feel weird stocking up on jeans when you are out shopping for beans, but supermarket clothing brands have come a long way in the last couple of years and are now serious contenders to high street retailers.

FS Style Director Karen Buglass says, “brands like F&F offer great quality and they’re perfect for picking up staples like jeans and chinos. This smart zip-up navy jacket is lightweight enough for autumn but will keep you dry in winter too, and it’s a bargain at £25.” So next time you’re in Tesco, take a break from the whoopsie aisle and check out the clothes too.

Jacket Tesco F&F

Jacket £25 F&F

Jumper Tesco F&F

Jumper £14 F&F

Jumper Tesco F&F

Jumper £14 F&F 


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