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Stone Island Shadow Project

The cult Italian brand has a new futuristic winter collection.

Berlin-based outerwear designer Errolson Hugh built his reputation for experimental, urban, utilitarian clothing through his label Acronym®. Hugh makes Gore-TEX jackets with hidden pockets, clothing that packs in on itself and transforms into a backpack, often all black, hence its nicknamed ‘clothing for the apocalypse’.

Over the past few years he’s also been working on the Shadow Project, Stone Island’s futuristic sideline, which has tended to be more reserved, marrying the Italian label’s tradition with his
own future-focused styling.

This winter he’s really gone for it, packing the collection of coats, jackets, trousers, and sweaters with his signature innovative and useful design quirks. Pretty smart stuff if you want to survive the winter in something that looks like it was made for The Matrix.

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