Gareth Seddon modelling a t-shirt on a vintage motor bike ()Gareth Seddon modelling a t-shirt on a vintage motor bike () © Copyright

Striker pose: Gareth Seddon styles it out

Salford City’s finest Gareth Seddon leathers it like, er, Gareth Seddon

“You’re lucky I’m wearing me nice pants today” says Gareth Seddon, standing in front of four people in a studio dressing room wearing nothing but a pair of star-adorned grey undies. It quickly becomes clear that he doesn’t get fazed easily.

Then again, after the 18 months he’s just had, that probably shouldn’t come as a surprise. When the BBC decided to follow the exploits of Salford City after Gary and Phil Neville, Nicky Butt, Ryan Giggs and Paul Scholes took over the non-league outfit, they probably expected the former Man United quintet to be the stars of the show. They were wrong.

Seddon dropped down the leagues to play for Salford, tempted by the call from his footballing idols, and the footballer-cum-part-time-model unwittingly became the documentary’s poster boy. Arguments in the dressing room; touching moments with his girlfriend and young daughter; fan-boy incidents with the superstar owners; a modelling trip to Germany that saw him miss a vital game in the promotion run-in; and the last-minute winner that earned him redemption. It’s fair to say that Seddon made Class Of 92: Out Of Their League what it was. And in return, the documentary changed Seddon’s life for good. 

Gareth Seddon modelling a t-shirt on a vintage motor bike ()

T-shirt £18 Topman // Jeans £75 Denim Is Everything // Bracelets £10 Topman

“I get recognised!” he laughs, wearing slightly more clothes than earlier. “It’s really weird. I came down to London the other week and was going down into the subway and some lads chased me shouting ‘Seddon!’

I pulled up in Manchester the other day and two butch guys came down from the scaffolding and wanted pictures with me. It’s all been really good feedback, luckily, no one’s come up to me and said ‘you’re a dick!’ I think people see me as just one of the lads really, because that’s how I come across. When I’m out, people come up and wanna have a beer or a shot or something. It’s been great.”

Gareth Seddon modelling a leather jacket ()

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The 35-year-old is here today to model, and unlike most of the sportsmen who do their best impressions of Derek Zoolander for us, he’s got previous. He signed up for a modelling career six years ago after a chance encounter with an agent in a shopping centre.

“I thought it was a wind-up,” Seddon insists. “I was looking around for the lads laughing behind a wall at me or something. I get a fair bit of stick for the modelling stuff, obviously, but I’ve had that stick all my life. I think I look a bit like Jim Carrey, I’ve got that look, so I’ve had stick for anything and everything over the years.

"Whenever I do a shoot, it’s plastered all over the wall when I get to the changing room, and normally ‘edited’ by the lads. Everyone thinks I’ll be a real poser and dress really smart and slick, but I’m not like that. I’m from a proper working man’s town. If I walked around there like that, I’d get beaten up!”

Gareth Seddon modelling on a stool ()

 Shirt £80 Denim Is Everything // T-shirt £75 Dolce & Gabbana at Cruise // Jeans £80 Denim Is Everything // Rings £16 Topman

Today’s shoot is biker themed, with leather jackets, T-shirts and jeans all central to the look. Obviously  Seddon spends a lot of his time in tracksuits and training gear but is this biker look something he’d sport in his spare time?

“This kind of thing suits me quite well actually,” he admits, “although maybe not quite so… tight. The jeans are a bit cosy, and some of the accessories and stuff are a bit much. I always wear a watch – I love my watches – but other than that, I don’t wear any jewellery.

"If you asked any of my family or my mates, they’d say all I ever wear is trackies and vests. Even in winter, I’ll take off my jacket and I have a vest on under there. I like plain colours, though, and nothing too flamboyant. I’ll let others wear the bright stuff and take the attention, believe it or not.” 

Gareth Seddon modelling a jacket next to a vintage motor bike ()

Jacket £150 River Island // Shirt S71 £40 Firetrap at USC // T-shirt £16 Asos // Jeans £150 Replay // Necklace £7.50, and Bracelets £8.50, both Topman // Goggles £20.99 Infinity Motorcycles

As Seddon changes into another outfit, it’s fair to say he looks comfortable in his surroundings and seems to suit the clothes. What about a night out, we wonder. Does the part-time model put in that little bit of extra effort, knowing he’s likely to be judged when he’s out?

“No, I’m rubbish like that,” he says with another laugh. “I’d love to say I always look smart when I go out – like shirt, tie and the rest – but I’m literally jeans and a round-neck white T-shirt. Every photo you see of me on a night out, you think it’s the same night.

I have tried to make a bit of an effort with a few V-neck jumpers or a white shirt or suit jacket and jeans, but only because I’m copying off what other people are wearing! I’ve got no real style of my own, I wish I did. People will say to me ‘oh that’s a nice shirt, where did you get that from?’ and I’ll be like ‘I think I got it from Asda.’ I don’t care if anyone knows, it’s just how I was brought up. I’ve never been too concerned with labels. If it looks alright, I’m happy.”

Gareth Seddon modelling a dark jacket ()

Jacket £229.95 Scotch & Soda // Shirt £45 River Island // Goggles £20.99 Infinity Motorcycles

If his approach to fashion is a touch laissez-faire, the combination of football and modelling means Seddon takes no such shortcuts with his body, and he explains that it’s a dedication that comes with a bit of history.

“It’s just kind of a lifestyle thing. I’ve always gone to the gym. I’m pretty paranoid really about my fitness, because when I was 24 or 25, I got a blood disease and ended up having to retire from professional football. After that, and since I got back to being fit and playing again, I’ve made sure that I’ve gone to the gym like four or five times a week and kept my body as healthy as I can.

"That’s probably why I’m still going at 35, just because I missed out on two or three years when I was at my peak. I wouldn’t ever want a lack of fitness to be the reason I stop, because it’s something you can do every day yourself. I don’t do weights and get bulky but I just keep doing athletic stuff.” 

Gareth Seddon modelling a leather jacket on a motorbike ()

 Jacket £120 Next // Shirt £35 Topman // T-shirt £42 Villain // Jeans £330 Philipp Plein at Cruise

And eat well, presumably? “Oh my god, no,” Seddon concedes.

“I eat horrendously, I just have to work hard if I eat rubbish. You’ve got to be happy, you can’t be too strict on yourself because otherwise you end up failing anyway. Take last weekend, for example. I had a Chinese on Friday, then Saturday I got all the stuff out to cook but I ended up getting a mixed grill kebab, then on Sunday I had a few beers in the afternoon and couldn’t be bothered to cook, so I ended up going for an Indian. How bad’s that? So Monday morning, I got up and was like ‘right, I’ve got to hit the gym hard.’” 

Gareth Seddon modelling a leather jacket and plaid shirt ()

Jacket £125, and T-shirt £16, both Asos // Shirt £32 Topman // Jeans £20 Fabric at USC

And it’s that mix of enjoyment on one hand, and pushing himself on the other, that has seen Seddon become a star for the everyman, and our favourite Salford City player to boot. There, stick that up on the dressing room wall.

Gareth Seddon modelling a leather jacket with a vintage motor bike in the background ()

Jacket £70 Jack & Jones at USC // Shirt £80 Diesel at Van Mildert // Jeans £80 G-Star Raw at USC

Assistant Stylist: Joana Keys

Grooming/H&M: Natasha Schmitt using MAC

Herald 250 Classic motorcycle courtesy of Herald Motor Company (


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