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Ring walk meets Catwalk

Cult Canadian fashion brand Ports 1961 and classic boxing brand Everlast have collaborated on a collection inspired by the spirit of the fighter.

For the uninitiated, Ports was founded in Canada in 1961, specialising in modern twists to menswear staples which is exemplified by the Everlast range that revives the ‘Rocky’ hoodie and adds contemporary touches to classic training sportswear.

Parred back, black, white and greys dominate the menswear collection which veers from loose-fitting athletic wear to regal-looking military clothing.

The move represents a shift across menswear fashion to further masculinise clothing. Boxing and fight sports are mainstays of masculinity – by drawing influence from boxing or collaborating with boxing brands, fashion brands seek to capture an authentic atmosphere of grit, grind and hard work to ultimately make collections more appealing to the average male. And that certainly works for us.

Everlast x Ports1961 ()


The collection debuted at Milan Fashion week and is available to buy this autumn