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Return of the Champion

The ’90s sportswear brand were huge for a time – and now they’re ready for a grand return...

Champion was done. Five years ago, you’d probably have been mocked for wearing their stuff.

But as the ’90s sportswear aesthetic brought a new swathe of vintage clothing back into vogue, Champion leapt at the chance to rebrand itself as a ‘heritage label.’

Over the past couple of years, Champion has made real headway as it reintroduces itself to a new, younger market. The last few years, its collections have been logo-heavy, using its name or distinctive C pattern all over their gear. 

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But now it’s changing it up – Champion’s new spring/summer collection sees it introduce a few more ideas, including some boldly printed sweaters and T-shirts, which use imagery from Champion’s 98-year history as inspiration.

There’s also a range of products which nod to California’s Palm Springs, while the company uses a technique to dye garments and give them a dated appearance. Basically,  you can look like you teleported in from 1994. Party on, Wayne…