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The 2017 S/S trend report

It’s that time again, that biannual period when designers send models down the catwalks in a huge array of clothes: some you might like, some you might hate. The good news is we went to the shows, watched the videos and sifted through thousands of JPEGs online to put together a report on a bunch of things you might be into.

Rather than telling you about which designers are hot, or who was in the FROW at which show, we’ve looked for trends across a load of spring/summer 2017 shows looking for consistent themes; styles and looks which you’ll begin to spot over the upcoming months.

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Let’s begin with the practical stuff. Chances are you’re going to get stuck in a rain shower or two, and if you’re staying out late at the weekends, you’ll need something to take the chill off. Heavy coats and chunky knits are for the winter, you’ll need something light and packable. We’ve put together a collection of rain jackets and windbreakers suitable for the summer months.

In terms of colours, more and more designers have toyed with almost-whites. We’re talking greys, stones and a wider variety of lighter tones. Also there was a heavy use of pink, from soft pastel to bright bubblegum; pink being for girls is a thing of the ancient past. Checks are here again too. They cropped up on coats and flannel shirts through the winter and are here to stay.

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As well as the colours and patterns, it’s not always about what the models are wearing, but how they’re wearing it. We often talk about how street style has heavily influenced the catwalk and an increasing number of designers are putting their thin models in bigger oversized clothes, which probably means the baggy look is, well, big.

Secondly, you can read a bit into the use of accessories; they are usually used to root a designer’s sometimes abstract ideas in the real world. This season they’ve gone hard on hats, buckets, fedoras and Tony Pulis style baseball caps.

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Finally we’re FS, we think about sport and have a sharp eye for sports wear, which is still going strong through lots of collections.

Just a quick reminder, like we said last season, try to imagine the teams in isolation. Fashion shows deliberately amplify things, creating overdramatic aesthetics. Picture a shirt with a pair of jeans or shorts, or whatever you might actually wear. 

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