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Tie a bow tie

Don’t look like an overgrown schoolboy, learn to do it right. Sam Buni from Tailor Made London can teach you how.

1) Lift the collar of your shirt and drape the tie around your neck with one end hanging an inch or so below the other. Fasten the top button of your shirt.

2) Cross the long end over the short end, then use your thumb to bring it behind the short end and up through the loop. Get the right tightness now – because you won’t be able to readjust later.  

3) Push the long end aside. Double the short end on itself like a ‘z’, bringing the narrow part up to the knot. Hold the loop so it lays sideways. Pull the long end behind the bow, loop around the middle. Push the wide centre of the end through the knot to make a new bow.

4) Pull on both bows to tighten the knot, and gently pull the ends to make the same length as the bows. Finally, straighten the knot.