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Wear wools

Stuff made of sheep doesn’t come cheap, but it’s well worth the investment. We went to a house made of wool to see what all the fluff is about.

Since 2010, the Campaign For Wool has been making noise to promote  their wares to the world. It’s a global collective of farmers, textile manufacturers, carpet makers, fashion and interior designers – anyone who uses wool to make stuff. This year, they converted a London townhouse into an Airbnb (see inset), and we went along to check it out. Alex James, the bassist from Blur and noted cheesemaker, was there too. He looks great for 47.

A ‘wool-kin wardrobe’ (above) showcased the best garms that a human + sheep collaboration has to offer, and makes a pretty good case for taking the coat off their backs. We’ve picked out five of the best pieces should you want to be repping sheep in December. 

Walker Slater tweed jacket ()


Walker Slater tweed jacket // £265

McNair Technical Merino wool shirt ()


McNair Technical Merino wool shirt // £375

Grandmaster Flash jacquard jumper ()


Grandmaster Flash jacquard jumper // £420

Stone Island wool hat ()


Stone Island wool hat // £60

Allbirds wool running shoes ()


Allbirds wool running shoes // $95