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The death of the man bag

It’s really time you got a brand new bag

Objectively, a bag is a pretty simple object: somewhere to store and transport your laptop, phone, headphones, keys, a book, a jumper, ten grand in unmarked twenties. But a bag’s a part of your wardrobe too.

If you’re still calling it a man-bag, then stop, step out of the stone age and get with the times. Bags have changed, they’ve grown up, and the variety and quality of bags for men has improved too.  Totes, rucksacks, holdalls and satchels are all established design classics, and all are featured here with contemporary twists. The tote, the one that most closely resembles the handbag, is masculinised by materials and colours. The rucksack and satchel no longer look like the bags you carried maths textbooks around in at school, and a larger holdall is the choice for a weekend away.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel; bags are – and always will be – an inherently functional means of transporting things. But to think of a bag as a solely functional item is to miss the point. Sure, you pay more for quality materials. But there’ll be less time spent shopping for a replacement. Once you’ve accepted that, then the difference is in the details, whether it’s a particular pattern or fabric or a particularly comfortable strap that does it for you. There’s something here for everyone.



You’re too grown-up for a rucksack, too manly for a satchel

Case luggage holdall ()

£505 Case Luggage 


Holdalls: Boss green flannels, French connections, Nixon, Ted baker  ()

£89 Ted Baker at Cruise; £85 French Connection; £295 Nixon; £240 Boss Green at Flannels 



Practical and easy to carry, now there are some real beauties for your back 

Rucksack Whistles ()

£135 Whistles


C6, Nixon, Gucci, K100 Karrimour rucksack  ()

£59 Nixon; £730 Gucci at Flannels; £90 C6 at Flannels; £560 K100 Karrimor at Flannels



The humble shopper gets a makeover in leather, canvas or nylon

Tote bag Mango ()


£59.99 Mango 


Tote bags Soul Cal Apinal of London, UTCOO, Firetrap ()

£162.72 UTC00; £20 Firetrap at; £595 Aspinal of London; £8 SoulCal at



Your workbag doesn’t have to be boring: pick one of these on-trend briefcases

Satchel Aspinal of London ()

£650 Aspinal of London


Satchells longcamp, Aldo, DKNY ()

£50 Aldo; £76 Longchamp; £188 DKNY at


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